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Villa Park – 23/24 Premier League Stadiums Guide

Villa Park, home to Aston Villa, has all 4 stands built uniquely from each other which makes it one of the most interesting stadiums in the Premier League.

Villa Park

Villa Park - Home to Aston Villa FC (Photo Credit Tom Ellis via Shutterstock)

General Information – Villa Park

Club: Aston Villa

Location: Aston, Birmingham. England

Address: Villa Park, Trinity Road, Birmingham, B6 6HE

Capacity: 42,657

Year Opened: 1897

Architect: Archibald Leitch

Construction cost: £16,733 (£25 million inflation-adjusted)  

Stadium Map

Villa Park

Pitch size: 105mX68m

Pitch type: Grass

Undersoil heating: Yes

Stadium record stats

Highest PL attendance: 42,788 versus Liverpool (29 December 2009)

Biggest win: 8-1 versus Exeter City (League Cup 2nd Round, 9 October 1985)

Biggest loss: 0-6 versus Liverpool (Premier League, 14 February 2016)

Player with most goals:  Billy Walker (244, exact number of goals at Villa Park unknown)

1st player to score: Dalian Atkinson

1st hattrick: Unknown

*Unknown stats mean the information was never recorded

What is Villa Park Like?

Villa Park has been completely rebuilt since the late 1970s. It has some individuality as all 4 stands are built uniquely from each other which makes it one of the most interesting in the Premier League.

At one end is the Holte End. This is a large two-tiered structure that replaced one of the largest covered terraces in the country and has a capacity of 13,500 seated supporters. At the other end is the North Stand, which is older (being built in the late 1970s), but still modern looking. This is two-tiered, with a double row of executive boxes running across the middle.

On one side of the pitch is the Doug Ellis Stand, which again is two-tiered and is roughly the same height as the other two stands. This stand was opened prior to the 1996 European Championships, for which Villa Park was a host venue.

Opposite is the latest edition, the impressive-looking Trinity Road Stand. Opened in 2001 it is three-tiered, with a small tier at the front and then two larger tiers above, which are separated by a row of executive boxes.

Stadium Rivalry

West Bromwich Albion rivalry: Historically though, West Brom have arguably been Villa’s greatest rivals according to a fan survey conducted in 2003. Since the 2011/12 season when Birmingham City and Wolverhampton Wanderers were relegated from the Premier League, marking an end to the ‘West Midlands Big 4’ derby, West Brom was the only team contesting with Aston Villa until the 2015/16 season when Villa suffered relegation.

Birmingham City rivalry: Aston Villa’s arch-rivals are Birmingham City with games between the two clubs known as the Second City derby. Off-late the occurrences have been rare as Birmingham plays in the Championship.

Wolverhampton Wanderers rivalry: Villa Park also enjoys a less heated local rivalry with Wolves. Since the start of the 2019/20 season, this fixture has been the only major West Midlands derby of the Premier League.