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Fenway Sports Group puts Liverpool up for sale

Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG) are considering putting Liverpool up for sale

Liverpool for sale

Liverpool for sale

Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG) are considering putting Liverpool up for sale. An official statement released by the club says,

, “We’re exploring a sale but there’s no urgency, no timeframe for us and as far as we are concerned it is business as usual..”

Fenway Sports Group & Liverpool Chairman – Tom Werner

Another FSG partner who is also owner of the Boston Red Sox Sam Kennedy further told the press that, “There has been a lot of interest from numerous potential partners who would want to invest in the club” referring to Liverpool.

Over the years, the Americans have become notorious for treating Premier League football strictly as a business with the sole aim of ripping the gains that come out of it. As long as it makes them money then its lucrative.

“Good companies grow by adding value to their business…one way to increase that value from time to time is to sell assets or add new investors”

(Sam Kennedy, FSG Partner & Executive)

FSG bought Liverpool back in 2010 for £300 million pounds and are willing to accept at least £2.7 billion according to a report by The Athletic (www.theathletic.com). The club has already engaged American financial giants Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to assist with the valuation process.

Would Liverpool fans welcome a change in ownership?

To many Liverpool fans this will not come as a surprise. FSG has always been known to care more about the money than football among the Liverpool faithful. Liverpool supporters group Spirit of Shankly has issued a statement in which they said,

“we expect both the Liverpool Supporters Board and Spirit of Shankly to be engaged in some part of the process as supporters should be put at the front and centre of any sale”

Spirit of Shankly official statement – 7.11.22
FSG 4 1

So far, Liverpool’s performances have not been really that impressive this season. They are currently 8th on the table with 5 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses from 13 games played. Maybe for the fans this will be the right time for a transition.

What remains unclear is if FSG wants partners who want to buy a stake in the club or partners that will take full ownership of the club.